World's Best Server.

published on: November 5th 2019

No, it's not Ivo Karlovic. Sure he is good, but we actually mean the CDN.

The old monolithic system used to deliver content online is drastically being out-performed.

Just surf the internet and it becomes painfully obvious that some sites are not behaving like the others. While some give you time to stir your coffee and look at a blank screen every time you click on something, the other sites seem to instantly change content like it's nothing. What is going on here?

Some sites have everything needed to function in a single executable - on one server - at one location. When requested it all comes at once, in a hail storm of data, overwhelming our browsers. Making matters worse, the user's device has to go back to the host server during each interaction. The server could be on the opposite side of the country. Browsers hate this. They are lazy.

The other sites have only the content needed to initially paint the screen, positioned strategically on servers all over. Meaning - literally down the street. All business logic and assets are conveniently spaced about. When needed, your browser simply requests the nearest CDN locale to get the data or the service needed. Browsers love this. They are lazy.

Here we do a lot of things to get the fastest websites possible. One of the most important things, is we host the sites via CDN and break up functionality by funneling it to multiple microservices. We are not alone in this. Show us a fast site and we guarantee it is CDN hosted or using a cache server(a CDN).