What Covid Exposed About Businesses

published on: November 6th 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic was a disaster for businesses around the world. It exposed that many small businesses did not have a website that was functional enough to carry their business and deliver to their customers when the doors were shut.

In a fight to survive, businesses everywhere were scrambling to update their website's functionality to take orders, process payments, and do basic eCommerce. Many regretted their decision to opt for a less costly informative brochure website, with no ecommerce possibility, over a more expensive and functional ecommerce capable website. It was a costly decision for most and a deathblow to many. So what can you do to protect your business in the future from unforeseen events? Simple cover the basic ecommerce bases now.


It is easier than ever to add Stripe or a similar payment service to a website. We can do it in 5 minutes and it costs next to nothing to accomplish. It is literally a few lines of code and an account sign up. Even if you don't make your products immediately available for ecommerce at least you have the scaffold and are ready to go if and when the need arises.


If you are a person that can't envision your business doing substantial online sales to justify a more expensive ecommerce functional site. We are here to tell you that you are wrong. That is the direction the world was moving before the Covid-19 pandemic and it has been accelerated. If you think it will add a lot to an already heavy workload we are here to tell you it doesn't. When done correctly it should be minimal effort to manage and maintain...a little data entry here and there from your phone or laptop is usually all it takes. Depending on the number of products or services you offer, setting up a CMS or database can be simple or very time consuming. It's usually a few fields for each item...title, description, image, and price. However, once complete, connecting the data to the payment processing is simple and straight forward. It can be a life saver.