Website Design Trends 2020

published on: January 12th 2020

There are always trends and 2020 is shaping up to be no different. Just go on YouTube and every developer and designer has an opinion. Heck we just redesigned our entire website to neumorphism. Why? It was easy, is trending, and we were bored. Good enough. We see important trends from the past year really taking root. We are not referring to neumorphism, minimalism, or any of that visual stuff. We are talking about meaningful trends that you should be onboard with because not doing so will bite your clients in the ass. So, we thought we'd jump into the fray with our opinion. Here it goes:

Let's start with adhering to GDPR. See, serious trends. It's been awhile since it passed, but you are starting to see those little pop-ups about cookie policy on more and more websites, especially those businesses with any European exposure. Protecting user's privacy online is hopefully going to spread broadly and creative practices to ensure it will come along that aren't distracting cookie policy pop-ups. We hate those pop-ups as much as you. However, the law is the law. Just try to make them humorous and as non-invasive as possible. Good luck.

Next up our old nemesis - Accessibility. After a few major lawsuit decisions came crashing on the heads of businesses that ignored the prevailing recommendations, standards, best practices, and laws...notably Domino's; ears perked up, as did the call volume of clients all over the world asking if their website was in compliance with existing and/or coming law. So, get going looking through your clients older websites and make damn sure things are tight. Imagine getting that call? What a nightmare. Even though Domino's shelled out the dough (sorry couldn't help myself)...that fault falls squarely at the feet of the developers.

Substance over fluff. That is right. After years of customer's wanting the slickest looking website, the newest bells and whistles, or that visual stunner for a slide show. Numbers are becoming a trend. Thank god. For those of us making really fast performant websites we love this. What took so long? Who cares. With all the analytics and performance tracking platforms available, clients are on to the shenanigans. If a fancy new illustration ain't upping sales...I can't tell you how many times We've advised a client not to use some snazzy kitschy feature that would be noneffective, but to stick with what matters...numbers. If it is not going to convert to sales don't do it. So, if you are a pixel pusher and not adding real value to your clients business watch-out it is getting real easy to quantify your work.

Video. This is a no-brainer. Let's get real people. Once 5G and the next waves of phones hit the market do you think anyone is going to care about CSS animations and the typical website. No. In the near future most websites are going to be for housing well produced videos and a shopping cart. We will bet the farm on it. Learn After Effects and Premiere Pro. Quickly. This change will happen over night. People love to watch videos over reading about a product. Sad? Maybe but true.

ChatBots sorry. Nothing to say.