Website Design and Branding

published on: January 11th 2020

Have you ever visited a website with an expectation and goal only to be left feeling confused and asking yourself if you are on the right website? Did the website design not make it immediately clear the who what and where? Or was the site cluttered with images, unnecessary animations and functions? That is bad website design. That is unfocused design. That leads to poor branding and reputation. We are not talking about marketing brand, as in a recognizable logo and color scheme - that is the personality portion of your Brand. We are talking about Value & Purpose branding.

Most visitors to your business' website will be those already aware that you exist. Not from blind searches. They will come knowing full well that you are known to make a great cup of Lobster Bisque, a useful widget, or have the knowledge to solve a particular problem. Take care of these people's needs and expectations first by displaying topical, relevant, and easily accessible information. That is a much better way to build a respected brand than fluff. Stay focused and true to who and what you are. Here is a simple example: You are a florist and sell the best Calla Lillies on earth. They are so beautiful that people are ordering them from across the ocean. Heck, they make up 50% of your sales. At no time should a want-to-be-buyer visiting your site (even if you have great page transitions and the best animations) have to click a navigation menu, navigate to flowers, navigate to lillies, and then navigate once more to the Calla Lilly page to buy them... That would be great for your site's SEO, but a horrible experience for Calla Lilly lovers and your brand. Again...most users are visiting for a reason, your Calla Lilly sales prove that, so the heck with a cheap SEO grab (internal link breadth) place that Calla Lilly buy button on top of your home page pronto. Just imagine going to Go Daddy and the home page is about their race car, merchandise, or some other nonsense. I'd be annoyed. Most would. So simply ask yourself: Why are people coming to my website? What do they expect to find? Get that done.

To build a truly strong brand you need a great product, good values, a defined purpose, lovely optics, logos, and color themes. All true, but to really seer that brand into the public's conscience you need a corresponding website that can deliver this all in a snappy and performant way. It proves you are an adept and capable business. You should make sure your website design agency is not building your site using a monolithic architecture like WordPress. That architecture came to prominence in the early 2010's because it solved a problem facing bloggers. Yes bloggers. Businesses soon gravitated to its CMS for the same reason, but had to be shoehorned in for obvious reasons. Then better and faster technologies developed in mid 2015's that solved all the issues WordPress addressed but without the bloat. You should be using these technologies. Ask your developer about the JAMstack approach. It will ensure that your users get a snappy experience and in-turn you a better brand.