Web Design in CT

published on: November 20th 2019

The state of web design in CT seems rather dull. The innovative that pushes agencies to new heights in other parts of the country is non-existent. It seems like a place Wordpress developers came to retire.

A simple Google search for "Web Design CT" will return a sizable list of web development agencies, digital marketers, freelancers, and SEO types. At first the numbers are impressive, especially when considering the population and lack of any nation tech hubris, but on closer inspection of the list - looking at their websites(sourceCode & audits) and the work they display, it is obvious that CT website designers have settled into a widespread Wordpress/Squarespace funk. That is sad. Why you might ask? Innovation and the desire to seperate yourself from the pack has led to a revolution in how web technologies are utilized when building web apps. The rise of the SPA and React, Sapper and Svelte, and the rebirth of static has been great for everyone. CT developers seem to have missed the memo.

It doesn't take much innovation to build web apps for a clients using a monolith CMS and themes. We think that it takes zero. Sure, it's easy and customers are generally happy with the sites. But as developers we know the monolith is a horrible system to trap our clients in. It's expensive, slow as all heck, limits their future options, and is way too coupled. Using these old tired methods were once trail blazing and modern. Not anymore. We all know the future is soon and it is going to be fast. It is already possible to visit a page and know it's a monolithic site. It doesn't react like it's modern brethren. It never will. The architecture doesn't allow for top rate performance. The average Monolithic app already appears dramatically slower than say... a Gatsby site doing the same thing. That is nothing compared to what is coming. The initial wave of Serverless, JAMstack, GatsbyJS, and uncoupled architecture has just started. People are going to want their web apps to be snappy, smooth, and performant. They want to change their web solutions in a heart beat...their payment processing, shopping cart, data structure, and whatever they fancy. Why? Because it's possible. This new way is data agnostic(data from anywhere), Safer, Faster, and liberating to the client. Ever try shoe-honing something into Drupal or Wordpress? Those Days are over. Everything just fits so easy now.

This new way is thriving in places with a competitive Web Design scene. The constant push to get video and assets to render quicker, sites smaller, compression tighter, less entanglement, all that is missing here. Seems like as a group they decided to just ho-hum along. That is unfortunate for the businesses in CT that pay thousands in development, maintenance, and hosting costs for sites that are outdated every 3 years. How many local CT businesses have been shackled with a slow theme built site, costly monthly hosting, no real customization, and costly plugins? Our guess thousands.