Still Paying For Hosting? Are You Mad?

published on: December 3rd 2019

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Millions of small businesses found out that hosting a website is free. If the breadth of your website development experience is Wordpress or Wix you are most likely shaking your head - confused. If you have embraced the new modern paridigm, javaScript-APIs-Microservices, you are probably nodding your head and smiling. If you fall into the nodding category you can leave now - you are enlightened. If you pay endless monthly hosting - read on my friend.

Small business, I hate to break it to you, but you are foolish to pay for hosting. Now if you have a huge online store, and we mean quite large, you will have to pay hosting in one form or another even if it is hidden in data charges. However, 90% of small business sites are brochure or informative in nature with images, videos, information, product cards, and have a simple checkout or shopping cart. They should not be paying monthly hosting. If your site falls into this category you have many options for free hosting. We will stick with one we know well. Where we host our site for free - payment processing, massive assets, and our data included. Netlify.

For a an astronomical price of $0 you can host your site. This includes 100GB of bandwidth per month, global CDN distribution, and instant caching. Yep. We run our functional money maker of a site for free - forever. We have never been charged a cent. We never will.

See, hosting is a bandwidth usage charge. We solved that. Have a super optimized and compressed site built instead of a Wordpress - Wix behemoth. Our site is so optimized and code-split that we have never used more than 25% of our bandwidth. We have massive videos and video sliders set to autoplay. We have payment processing. We rebuild on Netlify's servers daily. Netlify charges nothing. 90% of the time or clients pay nothing but our development charge.

Netlify's basic business model: They invest in your growth potential. They hope a group of smart website designers in CT, utilizing APIs and javaScript, will build you a super fast and lightweight website that costs Netlify nearly nothing to store and serve because it is condensed and optimized(right click any website and compare it to ours using inspect element. notice something very different? Hint: Count the lines of code). They give you free hosting. Then they wait for the sites grow into the little Amazons - that become so large they begin consuming gazillions of GBs bandwidth and are all too happy to pay for it. They are investing in your growth potential and it is working.

This business model doesn't just pertain to hosting. The exact model is available for content-management (Contentful), database and asset storing(Cloudinary), and shopping carts(Snipcart). Take advantage of these services and save thousands.