Spend Your Budget On Customer Experience Not Backend Servers And Hosting.

published on: December 18th 2019

Your budget is real. What we can accomplish when developing your website depends on how we allocate it.

It is hard to believe that just five years ago 60% of web design dollars went to backend servers and logic. Every web design agency either had backend developers on staff or had to farm out the work. Now you need not spend a penny on the backend to have a beautiful and functional website for your business. That is mind bending to think about. This shift happened seemingly overnight and is the primary benefit of javaScript's dominance. That is correct, the language that has been there since the web's beginning has shaken off all others, matured, and come to dominate web developers workflow. It has made the JAMstack and no-code possible.

Web development was split into two distinct disciplines using a different set of technologies and languages. The FRONTEND built the user interface(what is seen on screen) using the three web languages - HTML, CSS, and javaScript. The BACKEND built the servers, databases, and CMS's using a whole different set of languages and technologies C, Python, Ruby, C#, PHP, and Java. For a developer it was hard enough to master your discipline let alone the other. Well, a funny thing happened. Frontend developers decided they hated the inefficiency and creativity lost when marrying the two parts together. They decided to take the language they loved and understood, Javascript, and morph it into a technology capable of performing the backend function on the frontend. This allowed the frontend developers more control over the process. The rest is history.

What this means for you: You can spend your website development budget on your customer's experience and not the backend.

You no longer have to spend monies on something that your website's users and clients will never see, don't interact with, and can't appreciate. Instead, you are free to focus solely on what they can perceive and appreciate...their experience. That is precisely why we once spent money on the backend - the customer experience. If you wanted a video on your site, which is the medium most preferred by users, you had to host and serve it from a server, store it in a database, and encode it. That was all done in a language frontend developers didn't understand. To create a great experience for our users we had to pay a backend engineer to code it all. Then pay for the monthly fees and data charges. Seeing that the most common pay structure was data usage, just one video on a page got expensive fast, especially if your web page was successful. This was expensive and most business website owners opted out. Thus denying the users a great experience.

Frontend developers changed the game completely. Web services that are available to javaScript sprang up everywhere and for everything once backendie. Instead of having whole backend teams to bring a feature to life, a web designer today just taps an API or endpoint. We never wanted the backend to begin with. It was a cumbersome, painful, and creativity crushing system, but our language couldn't do what we asked of it. NOW IT DOES. We simply want to bring a great user experience to the web. NOW WE CAN.

The money saved in backend salaries, server maintenance, and monthly hosting fees can now be spent on video, large media, better design, security, brand building, and actual web design and development. That is great for you and your users.