Should You Design Your Own Website

published on: December 1st 2019

The tools available today make it appear easy to buy a template, edit a few lines, upload some assets and presto, Website. Well it isn't that easy. Not even close.

A third of our new contacts are to either fix or switch over a Wix / Squarespace type site to custom code. It has always been this way. Right about now you should be wondering why that is. Well, for starters, you have no idea what you are doing, what a site needs to have impact. You can't effectively plan ahead for scaling or changes, because you don't understand the technologies and where all this is heading. Neither does that template builder. Think that template is built upon an architecture that can grow and adapt with your business or the rapidly changing web technologies? It's not and will have to be consistently rebuilt to reflect this , disrupting your business and more importantly your clients. Sites built just two years ago are dinosaurs with laughable performance, no way to utilize the newest hot features, and are bound up in stale ecosystems with aging unmaintained plugins.

Next, consider that template's layout carefully and hope you really love it , because you are stuck with it. Trying to customize a Wordpress/Wix site is even a royal pain for developers. Think you can do it? You can't and will be another person calling asking to fix or change it, we can almost guarantee this.

Now, if you understand how and why we code and program websites. The bits you can't see. The parts that allow your business and web app to evolve effortlessly, stay relevant, and scale. We suggest WebFlow. With Webflow you need to have a basic understanding of why we do certain things, how code is pieced together, and the syntax. If you can do that. We suggest you do. Our guess is you will have a blast doing it. We do.

If you don't have that skillset. We highly recommend calling a developer and saving yourself time, money, energy, and clients.