Pricing A Website

published on: November 24th 2019

Correctly pricing a website comes with experience. When first starting, we told a client the cost of a website would be $900 and they were astonished that the cost was so high and we lost it. We told another that the cost of their project would be $10,000 and they were astonished at how inexpensive it was and we got it. In both case astonishment was the correct response - our pricing was off. The $10,000 project took 3 months to complete and cost us big-time.

Let's look at the first project. It was a typical 4 page site. We know how long these take and price by our hourly rate * a time estimate. We usually come in about right. Then why the sticker shock? Short answer: People have no idea what goes into a website. Even more they don't understand what makes a website great. They see pretty pictures and some slick animations and believe that alone makes an effective site, that they can hop on WiX, and walk away with a low cost professional functioning site. We know the perils of that. We all get the calls. The returning clients that made that mistake. It can't scale, has garbage functionality, is slow, I can't use this, I can't use that and ties their hands - this is lost on them. So, when they believe the view-port makes the site and can buy a theme for $100, fill it out, and they are all set. A $900 price seems crazy. It's not. But, their astonishment was warranted. We did not explain how our initial price saves them money, headaches, and lost opportunity. Is much more effective, SEO friendly, and adaptive. That there are no plugins to update or plugins that initially work but get so neglected that they no longer function. That we are super fast, there are no maintenance costs(we don't charge maintenance), we can customize everything(try changing a Wordpress theme), and get free hosting(if static). We now take more time explaining what it is we deliver. We price fairly and get little pushback.

The second failure was a direct result of our first. Our utter lack of explaining our value to clients and their justified shock, conditioned us to under price what we do. So, when a business came along with a large project - we went low. They jumped on it. Now, if you have never dealt with a company with web experience, that truly knows what they want- if they think you can deliver...they pounce on a low price. They get it and know the value. Established businesses know how much their investment in your work will pay off . It is a business decision. So, get price shock out of your head. You want to create a little push back from the owner/executive, that means you are priced right. You are near the top half of their price range. That is good for all. Now they can negotiate you down a bit and still keep you in their projected range/budget while simultaneously you get compensated fairly.

So the lesson to learn: Be sure to educate and then feel no apprehension when pricing your fairly.