Make Editing Your Website Data Easy

published on: December 21st 2019

You only have so much real-estate on your business website to display information and assets before the site becomes crowded. Crowded sites are an eye-sore, but you have so many amazing photos, products, and other assets that you are dying to display. Heck, you have an ever changing menu, revolving weekly specials, or constantly offer new beers on tap that dictate often changes to your website's features. You don't have to be a computer expert to take control of this process yourself rather than relying on your website designer. You'll save a few bucks to boot. You can learn your CMSs dash board in minutes.

Depending on the type of website you have built and the features required, your website designer may set you up with a CMS (content management system) to allow easy creation, reading, updating, and deletion of assets or data. Lovingly known as C.R.U.D operations by developers. Once a CMS is set up, performing these actions is quick, easy, and surprisingly hard to mess up. So, don't worry about breaking things.

Typically we set up a content model in the CMS to hold assets and data. This is simply a type system used to categorize the data for us to manipulate. An example would be a restaurant menu's item. We would set up each item's entry as a number of fields to fill in. A field for each item's NAME (Cheeseburger), PRICE (9.50), DESCRIPTION (A mouth watering...), and an IMAGE. We validate the fields so it won't allow you to mistakenly delete an item's price and try to update it with an image. You'd receive a message saying that the information is not the TYPE required. Now you could intend to change a price of an item from $10 to $10.50 and mistakenly input $1050. That could happen, but as adults we tend to catch that. Right?

Once you change the data, publishing it to your website is as simple as clicking a button. The site will simply update on the fly reflecting those changes. Changing an item is not the only thing you can do. If your website developer is worth the money he charges, you should be able to add new entries to your site without calling your developer. If he is using modern practices, modern tech, dynamically rendered components, and modern layout practices your business' website should be able to take in dynamically created data by you and display it beautifully - without any more code being developed.

Knowing how to use your CMS will keep you vested in your business' website and it's effectiveness. You are more likely to display that impromptu daily special if you know you can do so in seconds. You will certainly do more with your site in terms of postings, changes, and promotionals. This allows your website to bring even more value. A hammer can't do much if you don't swing it.