Local SEO and How Your Business Should Focus On It.

published on: December 16th 2019

SEO, by now, is understood by most website designers. The race to get to the top of search results seems endless and exhausting. It is. However, if you are a local business you get to ignore most of the troubles and simply laser focus on local SEO. Let's take a look at what you can do.

The first step is making sure your web design agency formats your website with a great sitemap and the proper metadata to display and translate your site to Google. A simple free tool - Ubersuggests is a great place to check all is intact. A lighthouse audit will also tell you if the basic structure is met.

Next, deciding which keywords or phrases we want to rank for is vital. Specificity is key. Do you want to rank for "New Brunswick restaurant" or "Texas-style barbecue in New Brunswick"? This is where using Google's search for business comes in. We can look and analyze exactly what people are entering for their Google searches and focus our SEO strategy on those keywords and phrases.

Now for the not-so-fun-stuff, we have to optimize everything to shine online. Title and h1 tags need to be descriptive using keywords and well thought out. Urls also have to help Google understand exactly what the page is about by using specific phrases... a simple "blog 2" will not cut it. Links, internal and external, have to be descriptive and aria-labeled for screen readers. Each page's word count has to be carefully managed to insure a good ranking.

Once we are confident in the keywords we are targeting and our pages contents - we need to go after backlinks. That entails getting your site listed in local business directories, getting relative industry mentions, and social media shares and clicks. Every time Google comes across your page it is a backlink and used to add Authority points to your website. This helps your page grow faster.

Google rewards longevity and fresh content. This means that at first your rankings will be much lower than a competitor with a site that has been around for awhile, but by sticking to a plan and being vigilant about adding fresh content routinely...Google will notice and reward your efforts with a quickly improving ranking. We believe that a local page one ranking within 6 months is a realistic goal.