Web Design - Got Video?

published on: December 2nd 2019

The decision on whether to use video gets easier daily

Just a few short years ago the desire to use video in sliders, hero sections, or anywhere in web design was usually met with warnings that went something like this..."That would be great, but mobile devices still struggle with the file size, we can accomplish the same thing with images" or "The web hosting charge is a bit steep you'd be better off using high quality images ". What a difference a couple years has had. It can now be done at lightening speed and a near zero hosting cost.

If your web developer or designer is using a modern stack, dropping in a video of your chef preparing the daily special is simple and cost effective. Check out our favorite pizza slice ;) Artichoke Brassile's pizza If that doesn't get you tossing on your jacket and running out to grab a slice - nothing will. For the obvious reasons video is the new darling of restaurant and bar websites. Our humble opinion is that most websites will be primarily interactive video and shopping-carts as soon as 5G is widespread. You can bet on it.

Right now today, video should be in your web design. We host 3 on our site for $0 a month. Yep, zero. Not slow YouTube hosted videos either. Are we doing anything special? No. We just decided to embrace the latest technology and look to the future when building our own site. You should be to.

If you decide video would be a great fit in your web design, make sure your developer mutes the volume if autoplay is going to be enabled. Other than that - go bananas.