GatsbyJS The Last Website You Will Ever Need.

published on: December 4th 2019

If you have not heard of Gatsby you are not into web design & development or you have been living under a rock.

It is not often that a platform comes along that completely upends the manner in which developers design and implement a website build. Gatsby has been that platform. Gatsby has been such a game changer for web designers that have always desired to build high performant, optimized, SEO friendly, and feature-rich content for their clients, but couldn't due to budget restraints.

What once took weeks of backend coding, multiple languages, and countless middleware all hacked together - can now be scaffolded out in a day. It has made so many features and options, that were once reserved for high paying clients, available to all of our clients. Kyle Matthews should be on your Holiday list.

Why Gatsby is the best choice for your small business. It is Scalable, effortless to maintain, and updates automatically. A wise decision from your web design agency, choosing to build on Gatsby, can provide server-side rendering, code-splitting, optimized images, a 100% SEO scaffold, lightening quick navigation, endless services options, data consumption from ANYWHERE, and save your business thousands in future hosting and maintenance costs. This is all available to you when your web designer makes the choice to build your site using JavaScript and ReactJS instead of HTML and CSS.

What Gatsby does for your developer is twofold. First it allows him/her to use the greatest UI library on the planet, React. React was created and is maintained by Facebook. React allows the developer to create reusable components that bring cohesion to the website's user interface. This re-usability saves time when adding new content. The styles are already in place, thus allowing the developer to focus on business logic and your content. The second is it's marriage to GraphQL. GraphQL is the most efficient data layer ever created. It allows us to get data on to your website from anywhere, even a hard drive. That is astonishing on its own, but what a developer gets really excited about when developing with GraphQl is that it only retrieves the data we ask for NOT an APIs entire JSON file. This is wildly efficient.

It is remarkable how simple Gatsby has made creating content-rich and functionally heavy websites. Even more remarkable is that these sites get better, faster, and more optimized on their own. Removing the need to frequently update or rebuild a site every five years. The underlying dependencies that Gatsby uses are updated and strengthened daily - whenever developers optimize the latest web technologies(Babel, Webpack, and React). You will not have to update a Gatsby site for the foreseeable future. Can the same be said about a Wordpress site? A Wix site? Squarespace? No.