A PWA Is Better For Your Business

published on: November 23rd 2019

It seems that everyone is in a race to have a developer design a mobile app for their business. From what we can tell - the developers are all to willing to take the cash and oblige. This is so wrong. For most businesses, no one is ever going to use these native apps. Ever. Developers know this and take the money. Shame on them.

I'll go in depth here, but for those in a rush I have a quick question. Would you download and install a native app from your florist? Favorite Restaurant? Local pub? Plummer? Car dealer? Dog watcher? CPA? Lawyer? ... Why not? No, okay you get it - go on your merry way. For those saying yes...No you wouldn't here is why.

Companies large and small just have to have a native app. The thought of your business just sitting on someone's phone 24/7...is enticing. Resist at all costs. Major companies are learning what small business owners learned a bit quicker. People are not going to use up their phone's valuable real-estate and storage on your app. Sure, if you are a destination retailor behemoth like Amazon or offer must have movie streamer like a Netflix - people will.

Major companies like Zillow, Trivago, Uber, and Tinder have already scrapped their apps. Why? Well, take Zillow for instance. Would you permanently put an app on your phone for a one time thing...buying a home? Me neither. How about Trivago? Me neither. Same thing - you'd use it maybe twice a year. Take your phone. How many apps you got on there you actually use? How many do you update regularly? Yeah exactly. We will view your website, thank you.

Well, that's a bummer. It would be great to be in someone's pocket 24/7. *TRUMPETS BLARE* Enter- the star of this blog. The Progressive Web App. This delivers the benefits you thought a native app would and much more. They are cheaper to develop & maintain(got that out of the way), more effective, used much more by clients, work on or offline, use the same code base as your website(a bit more javaScript), and they look and feel just like a native app.

Here is where it gets better.

The user doesn't install it to use it. They use it and it installs. Cool right? When a client or prospect visits your site we setup your site to cache on their phone, once on their device we transform your website using some really nifty JS to emulate a native app in look and functionality...Icon and all. They can freely use what looks like an app, but is just a javaScript enhanced version of your website.

The user never has to update it. It does so without permission. When used offline they get the version of your WPA that is cached on the phone. However, once a signal is detected and there was a change since last use, your WPA will update instantly.

It is way faster than a native app. Uber went from a 12 second load time to 3 seconds with a PWA. Why? They are tiny compared to a native app's program and cached directly on the phone.

Now for the best part. Clients utilize the PWA at an astonishing rate compared to it's native brethren. This is great for your business and a fantastic service to current and potential clients.