Modern Websites & Apps


The future of the web is

mobile and blazingly fast

. Every website is a web app and every web app is a website.

Websites for Smart Businesses

We define a great website  as blazing fast, secure, reliable, effective, and easily maintained.  We  check all those boxes.

Our Secret

Utilizing CDN hosting, microservices, & React components is the core of our philosophy. Mobile performance is the gravy

Blazingly Fast Websites

Every CT web agency touts  mobile first - meaning layout responsiveness. There isn't a web agency on earth not doing that. We use 'Mobile First' when referring to a website's performance & reactivity on a mobile device.

We read minds. Click this link to our blog page and scroll as fast as you can. All 50 images and blogs appear instantly.

Scale To The Internet

We build Internet Scale without dedicated servers,  expensive hosting costs,  scaling fears,  and maintenance fees.

CDN hosting allows instant scaling, provides better safety, and maddenigly fast speeds.

Future Proof

Auto updated, fully optimized, and maintenance free. If we build a site today, do nothing to it, and check on it in a year it will be faster.

The hordes of programmers at Babel,  Webpack,  and React are highly paid to constantly improve their products. Every time they optimize -  We optimize by osmosis.

Data Agnostic

Less is much more. We rarely find the need for backend engineers. As a result we are free to utilize  data from anywhere  and in the form that we deem most appropriate for our clients.

More costs less. We deliver endless choices with no backend development costs. This is extremely powerfull and flexible. We can query data from multiple databases,  API's,  documents,  CMS',  or your own hard drive - all at once.

Whipstitch vs All Others

We  compared our website's  speed, SEO, best practices, and accessibility to every web design  agency in CT - so you didn't have to.

We took the industry standard in website auditing and applied it using  a mobile benchmark

About Us

We are a small quirky award winning troupe of hyper-active coders & CT website designers that found a better way. We mend  bold  simplicity   with   creative technicals  to render blazing fast websites for business that look and feel much more complex.

We are based in Hartford CT yet develop and contribute globally.